Handling Kids Screen Time during COVID 19 Pandemic

Handling Kids Screen Time during COVID 19 Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic has created huge stress in everyone. Almost everyone is under some kind of stay-in-place directive. Social distancing has limited the ability to connect and interact with people physically. This has caused the upsurge in the daily screen time of almost everyone, especially the kids. If you are a parent and worrying about what impact the screen time might have on your kid, don’t worry. Here a few tips from the Dee Why early childhood centre to handle the screen time. They are –

Consider Your Child’s Age

The younger your child is, the minimal screen time they should have. According to researches, younger kids must not watch the screens as older children. However, all kids are not the same. Some kids can manage the screen time by themselves and they know when it is time to take a break. While some kids, simply stay glued to the screens all day without any break, if you permit them.

What Content Is Your Child Watching?

The internet is flooded with content, from mindless videos to educational videos. So be mindful of what your child is watching and to what extent. May be you can try balancing the contents, so that the kids get to watch more educational content over too much entertainment, that would distract them.

Watching Time

The Dee Why early childhood centre experts suggest that watching too much of the screens before going to bed, is not healthy for the kids, as it would affect their sleep routine. In case, if your child sticks on to the screen before hitting the bed, and doesn’t want to go to bed or has trouble with sleeping, it is a red flag to watch out, and change the routine.

Watch the Content Together

To know what your child is watching, and to understand if your child is getting any value from them, it is better to watch the content together with your child. The child care Dee Why experts say that, it will help you perceive a first-hand look of what your child is looking at.

Pandemic has Changed Everything

After the encounter of pandemic, screens have been put to great use for almost everything from bonding with the grandparents, attending classes online, virtual church sermons, and of course, to chat with friends. Almost every aspect of a child’s life has moved online after pandemic. The best thing to manage this situation is to limit the screen time. Hopefully the above listed ideas from the day care Dee Why experts will help you handle the child’s screen time.

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