Health and Safety Concerns you should look for in the Childcare

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A lot of questions would come to parents when they visit a centre, mainly if it is their first experience with childcare. The process of choosing the right child care centres Dee Why for your child will be overwhelming if you are not aware of where to start. The first point that comes to our mind when we look for childcare for our little one is his health and safety. There are so many things to consider and question while choosing childcare for your child.

Supervision and Ratios:

  • It is imperative to check child to teacher ratios in the Dee Why children’s centre you choose. It is particularly important to know if your child will get the required attention from his teacher.
  • Ask about the teacher to child ratios in the classrooms
  • How are children supervised?
  • Does the centre you choose procedures to ensure the staff members are aware of the total number of children in the centre every time.

Security and Open-Door Policies:

It is vital to know about the centres’ security, which includes a secure entrance, where children will enter. After all, you cannot compromise the safety of your child. Consider the following:

  • How do families or parents enter the centre?
  • Is pick up and drop off procedures detailed?
  • How will visitors get in to drop off or pick up their children?
  • Is there any open-door policy? Are family members welcome by any point to cuddle, or have lunch with children?

Food and Allergy Management:

If your child is allergic to some food, you might be hesitant to enrol him in a group care situation. Ensure that the childcare centre has reliable procedures and policies in place to manage allergies. Confirm if the staff takes these matters seriously. Here are some questions you should ask to the child care centres Dee Why:

  • Do you train your staff in allergy treatment?
  • How food allergies of children handled?
  • How does the centre verify if children receive the right food?
  • How the centre keeps track of whose food is whose?

Sanitation and Cleanliness:

This one is the top priority when it comes to safety concerns. Every one of us wants our children to be in a clean environment. Take a look around the centre.

  • Enquire about how toys given to children for playing are cleaned?
  • Who cleans the classroom? Does a professional cleaning service does or do teachers do it?
  • How does potty learning work in the centre?

Approach to Positive Guidance:

Young children start to interact with their peers in social settings. It is not unusual for children to test the boundaries. Make sure the environment where children are encouraged to grow and develop is clean and neat, creative and encouraging:

  • Observe the teachers. See how they interact with children. Are they positive in attitude, caring, and respectful?
  • Ask for information on the approach to discipline. You should also make sure the approaches are realistic for your child’s development.
  • Observe if you can see behaviours like negotiating, cooperating, problem-solving, and helping being encouraged

There is nothing more important than peace of mind, knowing your child is in the safe Dee Why early childhood centre.

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