How Can You Encourage Literacy In Young Children During COVID 19?

How Can You Encourage Literacy In Young Children During COVID 19?

As a parent, you might be wondering what you can do to encourage interest in reading, writing, and language right from the early stages. Though you might be convinced that your child will acquire these skills overtime through talking, singing or telling stories, surrounding your child in a language rich environment with a lot of interaction, attention and organising a lot of things will help with their literacy development right away. Here are a few advices from the experts at Dee Why early childhood centre to encourage the development of literacy skills in your child. They are –

Read Aloud

This is probably one of the greatest gifts that you can give your child. When you read aloud, it will help the child to identify the basic sounds of language, and help them understand mood through the conversational tone. Moreover, allowing the child to see and play with the book when you are reading will instil an interest and create an emotional connect. The teachers at Dee Why early childhood centre mention that children should be encouraged to read along, and be made to ask questions.  This will help the toddlers understand that language is a way of expressing, and expression is the basics of reading and writing.

Play Music

As your child evolves from infancy to the toddler stage, they will be learning the early steps of communication. This will include words and sounds. Hence, playing good music for your child is sure to create an interest for language development. Just imagine, you having the lyrics of your favourite song stuck in your head for days, similarly, good tunes can have the same effect on children. The caregivers at day care Dee Why mention that vocabulary and speech pattern can be reinforced by repeating the lyrics.

Identifying the Letters

One primary skill that your child needs when commencing to read is to identify the letters and their related sounds. For this, the professionals at child care Dee Why recommend using word based games and activities. This will help your child to perceive how the alphabets look and sound and reinforce the fundamentals of phonics and spelling.

Foster Imagination

This is a great and fun way to develop the love for literacy in your child. Have you ever noticed, even before a child could read, they show great interest in narrating stories. Most parents rip it off in the nip. But, this should be encouraged and listened with patience. Allow the child to imagine and explore out loud. It will be great if you can record the story and share it with your guests, it will be a great motivator for your kids.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help your child to development of literacy skills in your child during COVID 19.

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