How to Prepare Kids for The New Daycare Year?

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So the long holiday is coming to an end, the child care centres Dee Why are preparing to receive the kids again. You should also be preparing your child to return to daycare. You probably have it covered in the books, pencils and crayons section, but that is not all the preparation you need to get done.

Your child needs to be eased into a mental state that will make them prepared for daycare. They are probably now comfortable with the holiday schedule and you may need to take a week or two to get them back into daycare mode. Instead of waiting for the daycare centre to start and then let them get used to it, you can start early with some of these things.

Gradually Change the Schedule

The holiday time is usually a time when you will relax the schedule a bit, you let them watch more TV, stay up late and wake up late. Well, it is now time to let their bodies go back to the daycare clock. Start by slowly adjusting their bedtime, each day, you can get them to bed about 15 minutes earlier than they used to during the holiday, plan this adjustment so that a few days before they get back to daycare, they are going to bed the usual time they did during daycare time so that by the time they are back at the Dee Why children’s centre, they can go to bed and wake up with more ease.

Talk More About Daycare

Their frame of mind needs to be tuned back to daycare, talking about daycare or daycare centre can help them get there. Remind them of the things they found exciting the last daycare term, their friends, their favorite class time and so on. Find out if they may have any fears or concerns about the new daycare year, try and address those concerns and make them excited about returning to daycare. You can give them advice about things they should do in daycare, maybe how to make more friends or to deal with a bully, give them all the information they need to enjoy daycare.

More Books Less TV

You may have relaxed on the amount of TV they watch and even put the books away for a while, but as the daycare year begins, it is best to get them back into the habit of enjoying story time. They will get some more of that at the Dee Why early childhood centre, but it is also important that you as a parent reads to the child. Reading will get the child’s mind working again as they should in a daycare centre.

Enjoy More Family Time

The start of daycare centre is going to mean a more busy schedule and you may not enjoy as much time as a family with them having to get up early and go to daycare and also go to bed early. Do some fun family stuff, it could be a day out at the park, the cinema or even a camping trip. You will soon have them spending more time at the child care centres Dee Why than at home, so make this time count before they start daycare.

The goal is to make it easier for your child to get back to daycare and feel relaxed and happy there.

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