Is Learning through Play Effective?

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When children play, they are more than simply playing. During this play time, they absorb many valuable skills like – cognitive, social, explore their areas of interest etc. Therefore, it is important to balance your child’s time amid learning and play. By instilling creative activities and games to their daily routine, you are building a strong foundation for their future learning process. Experienced child educators at the child care centres Dee Why, know that play is one of the most constructive ways in which a child can spend its time. From the infants to the middle grades, play can offer tremendous benefits to your child.

Here are some benefits of Learning through Play

  • Assists in the Development of Language Skills

Involving in active play from an early age, supports the development of the language skills of the child. This is because when put up in a Dee Why early childhood centre, a child develops its vocabulary as they play and interact with the educators. The educators also support in the language development by way of play, by asking questions, boosting conversation and introduce new words. The play learning methods happen in a natural way, and learning is intensified while in par with the child’s interests.

  • Boosts Pre-Literacy Skills

Participating in activities that includes music or rhyme supports with the enhancement of the pre-literacy skills of the child. It also boosts the listening skills and recognition of sound. Singing and reciting of the rhymes form the grounds for reading and enhancing basic literacy skills, memorising skills and develops their ability to distinguish between sounds.

  • Play Develops Social Skills

When children play, they learnt to work towards a shared goal. Through play learning method, children learn to cooperate with each other, negotiate and stay assertive.  Collaborative skill is important in developing the social skills. Through play, children learn how to manage their emotions. Even if children are in a negative mode, they will express their emotions by way of play. The education programs of Dee Why children’s centre are carefully tailored to develop the social skills of each child.

  • Instils Confidence in Children

It is very important to develop confidence in children. Without confidence, a child will hesitate to take risks and try out new things. When in early stages, toddlers explore and gain the confidence of many things that they could do by themselves. And by the time they reach their preschool age, they gain the confidence of the things they need to take charge of.

The research studies on the effect of play, demonstrate many meaningful benefits and socially interactive learning methods. Enrol your child in one of the best child care centres Dee Why, that understands the importance of creating engaging activities that accelerate creativity, problem solving skills, imagination skills, and development of social skills!

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