Why is Play-Based Learning Important for Your Children

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Children benefit a lot from play-based learning in the early years, as they develop their intellectual skills and creativity. Research suggests that play-based learning at child care centres in Dee Why help in the overall development of your child. Play-based learning refers to an activity in which children actively interact with people, objects, and representations. Preschools arrange play-based activities that help with discovering various skills in children.

Here are some of the benefits of play-based learning

Enhances Language Skills:

As your child engages in an active play from early age, they would easily develop language skills in the process. Your child’s vocabulary would be improved during the preschool years as they play and interact with their peers and adults. Teachers at child care centres in Dee Why would help by asking your child questions, teaching them unfamiliar words, and involving them in interesting conversations. This is executed in a natural way, so that your child would have fun when involved in the activity and subconsciously develops their language skills at the same time.

Improves Social and Emotional Skills:

Play-based activities also helps in improving your child’s social and emotional skills as well. Involving them in fun games will be a delightful experience for your kids and their friends, and this would create a sense of being part of a community. As children play together, they learn to communicate, socialise, and collaborate to solve problems. This would help them nurture positive relationships, as well as learn and recognise the feelings and emotions of others. Perhaps, fun plays would be a great stress reliever for your kids as well.

Develops Pre-Literacy Skills:

Participating in fun activities at Dee Why children’s centre will be helpful in the development of pre-literacy skills including recognition of sounds and listening skills. Singing songs and rhymes will play a great role in the advancement of basic literacy and reading skills. Also, repetition of rhymes or songs is beneficial in terms of improving memorisation skills.

Nurtures Creativity and Imagination:

Play-based learning does nurture your child’s creativity and imagination. With creative thinking, children could come up with workable strategies and solutions that could help face challenges and problems. Nurturing creative thinking at an early age is vital for enhancing the capability of problem-solving in the future.

Any play activity organised by child care centres should not just be fun and engaging, but also be rewarding your children with regards to developing their skills and discovering their unique talents. Play-based learning is inevitable, as it is proven advantageous in enhancing essential life skills.

Choose a Dee Why early childhood centre where a safe and favourable environment is created for play activities, and the teachers are friendly, empathetic, and responsible enough in fulfilling the requirements of the children.

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