Helping Your Children thrive

Dee Why Kindergarten offers your child a friendly, inclusive space where they can grow, make friends, learn and have fun.

A warm & caring environment

At Dee Why Kindergarten we work hard to create a comfortable, inclusive and warm environmentwhere your child can grow.

We want your child to feel loved and cared for every day, so they can thrive in a happy, relaxed and comfortable environment.

0-2 early learning - Dee Why Kindergarten

0-2 early learning

We offer a full program of planned learning activities (as well as heaps of spontaneous fun).Your child will enjoy stories, music, play, painting and lots of messy fun activities, puzzles, imaginative play, drawing and much more.

3-6 Preschool - Dee Why Kindergarten

3-6 Preschool

Our full preschool program helps your child develop their social, intellectual, creative and emotional skills. We aim to give your child the skills, as well as the confidence and high self-esteem they need to prepare them perfectly for big school.

Exceeding, ACECQA assessed centre

We care like you care

We are an Exceeding rated, ACECQA assessed service with highly qualified and experienced staff providing excellent facilities. Our Dee Why based service is family run which means we care for your children like we do our own. We cater for children aged from 6 weeks until they leave for big school .

What parents say

“We have been attending Dee Why Kindergarten for over 3 years with our 3 children Henry (4), Hayley (2) and now Jimmy (1). Each day that we walk into the Kindergarten from the cleaners, the chefs, the classroom co-ordinators and even the temporary staff everybody makes you feel like your child is the most important.”


5 star Reviews

“Our family has been with the Centre since the beginning and my youngest graduates very soon. We’ve never been to another daycare and never felt the need to look at any others as we got it right the first time. The quality of staff and staff retention is amazing and unlike any other places I’ve seen and this makes for a very smooth transition for kids as they grow.


5 star Reviews

“Our son has been going to Dee Why Kindergarten
for almost a year now.When I had to
return to work I found it difficult
to leave him at day care but the staff
were excellent in helping both Phoenix
and my husband and I settle into our
new routine.We are extremely happy with
the high standard of care.”


5 star Reviews

5 reasons

to choose Dee Why Kindergarten

Dee Why Kindergarten


We help your child learn
and grow through a
balanced program of
planned experiences and
spontaneous fun

Dee Why Kindergarten


We select only well-trained and highly experienced educators to care for your child and become positive role models

Dee Why Kindergarten


Our centre offers light and bright large outdoor and indoor play areas with a range of play equipment

Dee Why Kindergarten


We offer parents a fully transparent service, open communication and complete confidentiality

Dee Why Kindergarten


We provide a variety of extra-curricular activities to enhance your child’s experience


What kind of activities do you provide for toddlers and infants?

At Dee Why Kindergarten, we offer age-appropriate activities including indoor and outdoor to stimulate the young minds and to promote motor and social skills. Your child will enjoy stories, painting, imaginative play, puzzles, drawing, gardening, and much more. Our children’s will stay busy throughout the day. We offer light and bright outdoor and indoor play areas with an array of play equipment. Call us on (02) 9972 9720 for further details.

What extra activities can my child do at Dee Why Kindergarten?

At Dee Why Kindergarten, we provide a full program of planned learning activities that includes confident and social skill development, pre-reading and writing, science and experiments, counting and basic mathematics, construction and manipulative play, drawing, painting, and craft activities, story time and language experiences, sensory activities and much more. Contact us on (02) 9972 9720, and we are happy to answer all your queries.

Is food provided?

Yes! At Dee Why Kindergarten, we use a specialist Childcare catering to cook and provide fresh, nutritious, homestyle meals for children in childcare every day. They have qualified chefs and have been refining and fine tuning our menus since 2002. The early years in a child’s life are instrumental in developing positive, long-term eating habits. Exposing young children to a healthy, diverse diet not only gives them the best start in life, it helps secure their future health, development and wellbeing as they grow up. They use high-quality, fresh ingredients and a broad range of flavours and textures to create meals that meet – and often exceed – the latest nutritional guidelines for children in care .

How long does it take to enrol my child at Dee Why early childhood centre?

The registration process usually takes one or two hours. We like to answer as many questions as possible during the enrolment and provide necessary information about other procedures. You can join our waitlist, and it is easy to do it. Please call us on (02) 9972 9720 for further details regarding the admission process.

What are your tuition rates?

Fees may vary according to the age of your child. We recommend you to visit our service and tour our facility and discuss the price. Our fees include meals, nappies, formula, sunscreen, linen (for children under 2), and service sponsored activities. We accept payments through Direct Deposit, Cash and Debit Success. Please contact our accounts team on (02) 9972 9720 for further details

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