A warm and caring environment

At Dee Why Kindergarten we work hard to create a comfortable, inclusive and warm environment where your child can grow.

We want your child to feel loved and cared for every day, so they can thrive in a happy, relaxed and comfortable environment.

0-2 Early learning

We offer a full program of planned learning activities (as well as heaps of spontaneous fun).

Your child will enjoy stories, music, play, painting and lots of messy fun activities, puzzles, imaginative play, drawing and much more.

0-2 Early Learning

3-6 Preschool

Our full preschool program helps your child develop their social, intellectual, creative and emotional skills.

We aim to give your child the skills, as well as the confidence and high self-esteem they need to prepare them perfectly for big school.

3-6 Preschool

Our philosophy

We believe in catering for your child?s individual needs, so we can provide a stimulating, balanced program that makes them feel right at home.

We work closely with families to ensure we offer excellent care in an environment that?s enjoyable,?safe and welcoming.

Five reasons to choose Dee Why Kindergarten

There are so many reasons why your child will love our childcare service, but we?ve picked our top five:

Get in touch

If you?d like to learn more about Dee Why Kindergarten, or want to enrol your child, please?contact us, or call us on?(02) 9972 9720.


What kind of activities do you provide for toddlers and infants?

At child care centres Dee Why, we offer age-appropriate activities including indoor and outdoor to stimulate the young minds and to promote motor and social skills. Your child will enjoy stories, painting, imaginative play, puzzles, drawing, gardening, and much more. Our children?s will stay busy throughout the day.? We offer light and bright outdoor and indoor play areas with an array of play equipment. Call us on (02) 9972 9720 for further details.


What do kids learn in your child care?

At child care centres Dee Why, we provide a full program of planned learning activities that includes confident and social skill development, pre-reading and writing, science and experiments, counting and basic mathematics, construction and manipulative play, drawing, painting, and craft activities, story time and language experiences, sensory activities and much more. Contact us on (02) 9972 9720, and we are happy to answer all your queries.


Do you provide meals and snacks?

Yes! At Dee Why Children?s centre, we source ingredients from fresh, local produce and carefully prepare to serve nutritious, home-cooked meals and snack for children. Our weekly menu is available on our website. You can also pack and send your kid?s favourite snacks.


How long does it take to enrol my child at Dee Why early childhood centre?

The registration process usually takes one or two hours. We like to answer as many questions as possible during the enrolment and provide necessary information about other procedures.? You can join our waitlist, and it is easy to do it. Please call us on (02) 9972 9720 for further details regarding the admission process.


What are your tuition rates?

Fees may vary according to the age of your child. We recommend you to visit our Dee why early childhood centre and tour our facility and discuss the price. Our fees include meals, nappies, formula, sunscreen, linen, and service sponsored activities. We accept payments through debit card, cash, and bank transfer. Please contact our accounts team on (02) 9972 9720 for further details.