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Developing a space for belonging

At Dee Why Kindergarten we believe in child-centred education. Our philosophy promotes your child’s individuality and enables them to develop at their own pace, with the care and support of our expert team of educators.

Learning through play

We offer a broad range of education programs, carefully tailored to the goals and interests of each child. Each small group of children is led by a primary educator who takes the time to carefully observe each child. Our educators then create engaging activities that stimulate the imagination, arouse curiosity, encourage problem solving and help your child develop social skills.

Most importantly, we create an environment that’s relaxed and enjoyable and encourages your child to have respect for themselves and others.

Your child’s learning journal

Each day we’ll email you your child’s learning journal, which gives you a snapshot of their activities throughout the day. You can also securely access an ongoing portfolio of your child’s experience online.

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If you’d like to learn more about Dee Why Kindergarten, or want to enrol your child, please contact us, or call us on(02) 9972 9720.

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