Kind words from happy families

We love being a part of your child’s growing and learning experience.
Here are some kind words from families.

“We have been with at Dee Why Kindergarten since 2018, and could not speak higher of the educators, management staff and centre as a whole. From joining the DY Kindy family in the baby room, our son has blossomed in ways we could only have hoped for. The care, educational imagination and dedication the educators have is beyond explanation. Never, even in weeks of being trapped inside due to weather, has there been a dull day! (When a 2.5yr old corrects you as to the meaning of chrysalis vs cocoon, you know they’re winning)

In my view early childhood education has to be one of the hardest (yet unfortunately probably the most under appreciated) vocations going, and the team at Dee Why Kindergarten not only make it look easy, but also do it with love and a spring in their step. Whilst we move on to our next adventure in 2023, having spent 4 years at Dee Why Kindergarten, ‘school’ certainly has a lot to live up to.”

Tara Richards, Parent

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“Our daughter Riley has attended Dee Why Kindy for almost 4 years and has completely thrived in her experience and learning there. It’s a wonderfully sized center with such a vibrant team of carers who have followed her progress through class transitions. We are so pleased that her early years are based on such solid learning, creative and positive relationship beginnings with integrative structure to help build her into the enthusiastic, inquisitive and warm child she is today. Not only has Dee Why Kindy been a fantastic place for Riley, they have been unbelievably supportive to myself and family during some quite challenging times while I underwent medical treatments. The staff have ensured a very consistent, open and secure environment for Riley. We have been fully embraced into the Dee Why Kindy community with lasting friendships and can recommend the center without hesitation.”

Lisa, Parent

Lisa, Parent

“Our family has been with the Centre since the beginning and my youngest graduates very soon. We’ve never been to another daycare and never felt the need to look at any others as we got it right the first time. The quality of staff and staff retention is amazing and unlike any other places I’ve seen and this makes for a very smooth transition for kids as they grow. I love the multiculturalism of the centre and that many languages and countries are embraced and celebrated. The quality of the facility, learning, tools, etc are all excellent along with the continuous reaching out to parents to continue to improve the centre and quality of care. We love Dee Why and it will always hold a special place in our heart! They are assisting us in raising intelligent, respectful and well-rounded boys. Thank you!”

Noelle, Parent

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“We have been attending Dee Why Kindergarten for over 3 years with our 3 children Henry (4), Hayley (2) and now Jimmy (1).

Each day that we walk into the Kindergarten  from the cleaners, the chefs, the classroom co-ordinators and even the temporary staff  everybody makes you feel like your child is the most important and I see them doing this with each and every family. It is an amazing environment.

Whenever there are issues the staff handle all of this with the utmost integrity e.g. do not discuss other children with differing parents. This policy is an excellent one because it doesn’t cause further issues between the parents.

The daily emailed report has been a huge win for our family because after a day of work we read what our children have been doing and then my husband and I pretend that this was what we did today and the children giggle and laugh and say no that is what I did today. It has been a fantastic way to get them to open up and tell us about their day.

We love the nurturing environment that our children are in at the centre.

Dee Why kindergarten has been very good to our family.”

Michelle, Parent

Michelle, Parent

“Our son has been going to Dee Why Kindergarten for almost a year now.When I had to return to work I found it difficult to leave him at day care but the staff were excellent in helping both Phoenix and my husband and I settle into our new routine.We are extremely happy with the high standard of care provided for Phoenix at Dee Why Kindergarten.We feel confident that he is well looked after and happy during his day away from us.We have found the staff always show understanding for the needs of our child and it is especially wonderful to always be greeted with smiles by the educators even at the end of their long working days.We chose Dee Why Kindergarten for its proximity to home and the small class sizes which makes us feel confident that our son can get to know the educators well and vice versa.We love that the centre has a large outdoor play area for the children to enjoy and we are always impressed by the learning activities that are organised by the educators in the Seahorse room.We love getting the day books which tell us what Phoenix has been up to during his day at the centre and it means that when he comes home we are able to talk about his day and share his learning experience.We are always making recommendations to our friends for Dee Why Kindergarten and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at the centre who take a part in looking after our child.”

Vivienne, Parent

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“Such a wonderful nurturing environment with a strong focus on learning & development.”

Cathryn McCann, Parent

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“Great and competent staff, wonderful service, professional ,helpful people, quick response, broad learning subjects.”

Clare Sandy, Parent


“The staff and programs are wonderful, couldn’t be happier with this kindy!”

Gilce De Oliveira, Parent

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