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A brief summary of some of our key policies

Our Policy Handbook provides comprehensive information on all our Policies and Procedures. You are welcome to review any of our policies and to provide feedback

  • Safe collection of children – Only those people authorised in writing (and aged over 18years) are able to collect your child. Digital records ensure that only authorised people enter the centre.
  • Accidents and Incidents – In even the safest environment accidents can happen. All accidents and incidents are formally recorded including the first aid action taken by the staff. You will be immediately contacted if it is appropriate to seek further medical attention.
  • Medication – If medication needs to be administered by the service, a permission form needs to be completed and a staff member in your child’s room needs to be advised. The medication needs to be stored in our secure medication box. For safety purposes, all medication will be administered by two staff members.
  • Immunisation – We are required to maintain up to date records of the immunisation status of each child. Please provide an immunisation record upon commencement and as it is updated.
  • Open Door – We may be visited at any time. We are proud of the role that we play with your child and welcome you to pop in.
  • Sun Smart – We supply 30+ sunscreen and apply it to the children (aged more than 1 year) before going outside. We follow the Cancer Council recommendations for safe play.
  • Child Illness – The Department of Health do not permit children suffering from certain illnesses to attend. eg children who have been vomiting or suffering from diarrhoea in the previous 48 hours should not be kept at home.

We will notify you immediately, if your child becomes unwell whilst in care.

It is essential that each family has alternative care available when your child is sick. Whilst we appreciate this, it can be difficult to manage at short notice, sick children are more comfortable at home and this also assists in reducing the risk of cross infection.

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