Benefits of Early Childhood Education for Your Kids

Benefits of Early Childhood Education for Your Kids

Always it is worth to send your kids to a day care in Dee Why that focuses on early childhood development and education if you’re thinking about giving your child a head start before kindergarten. Early childhood education is one of the best ways to help your child grow the social, emotional and cognitive qualities they need to prepare for primary school and beyond, research shows.

Developing good habits

Daily rituals help kids feel relaxed and healthy. They’re also an effective way to teach healthy habits to children, such as brushing their teeth or washing their hands. They are more likely to be relaxed, settled and get into good sleeping habits when kids know what to expect each day. They’ll begin to take care of everyday tasks over time, such as getting ready and packing. To help your child get into a good routine, childcare is perfect. At the Dee Why early childhood centre, educators know what skills your child needs to learn and use different strategies in a healthy, organized environment to help them develop these skills. Not only does this prepare your child for school, but it makes family life simpler, because you spend less time trying to get your child to work together to enjoy the company of each other.

Developing expertise in literacy and numeracy

A cornerstone for education is literacy and numeracy skills, but it is more than just reading, writing and counting. By listening to stories, talking about pictures, and drawing shapes on paper, kids develop reading skills. By singing and playing music or pouring sand into buckets of various sizes, they learn numeracy skills.

Development of emotional resilience

Dee Why childrens centre offers an opportunity for your child to learn social skills, which helps them develop healthier relationships with others. They will learn how to get along, share and take turns with other kids, express their ideas and become independent. They will use these abilities as your child gets older to build friendships that will form their sense of identity.

Enjoy a stable future

The skills your child learns are crucial for their social, emotional and academic performance in the early years of their lives. Research actually reveals that kids who do not attend pre-school are 50 percent more likely to start school with a developmental vulnerability.

Develop a lifelong passion for learning

The day care in Dee Why not only takes care of your child safety, but it will also encourage a lifelong love for learning. Entry to early childhood education will provide social and cognitive opportunities for children that help them become independent and develop a positive learning attitude. These abilities help your child settle into primary school and drive their academic achievement.

If your child starts school next year or for a few years, consider sending them to a childcare center that offers high-quality early childhood education in a friendly, caring and nurturing atmosphere to give them a head start.

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