How to Know When Your Child is Ready for Preschool?

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Summary: find out how parents actually know when their children are really ready and prepared to start preschool education.

Most parents barely notice their child growth after giving birth. With a lot of time spent between caring for them and seeking finances for their education, some kids might overgrow preschool. Preschool is, however, necessary in giving your child that special solid foundation they need in their lives. The problem for most parents is when to decide to take their children to Dee Why early childhood centre. Most of them do not know the signs that their children need to start early education but discussed are a few signs that they may just be ready to take their first educational step.

How is Their Potty Training?

Toilet or potty training is among the basic requirements of most preschools in different states. How have you trained your child? It is required that they be able to maintain a dry diaper for a period exceeding or around an hour. If not, your child should have either potty or basic toilet training to help them ease up whenever they need to go.

Basic Independence

As parents, we are supposed to be at the forefront of protecting our children from any form of harm. If this is overdone, your child becomes dependent on you and they might find it difficult to thrive in your absence. Find out how dependent they could be on their own by observing simple activities like blowing nose, washing hands, managing shoe and clothing fasteners, zipping their backpacks among other basic survival behaviour. Prepare them to rely on their own and then maybe they could be ready to commence their education at a local preschool.


As indicated above, once your child begins preschool, you may not always be there to attend to them. While entrusting this responsibility to their caretaker who may also be the teacher, teach your child to express themselves. By using gestures, signs, and languages, train them to explain how they feel and make the caretaker comprehend their situation. Children can also be ready for Dee Why children’s centre by the time they are able to process and act on simple instructions like sitting and standing.

Their Ability to Concentrate

We all know that concentration at this level is a joke, but still it is a factor that has to be considered. Can your child maintain their concentration for about 15 to 20 minutes without being over-distracted? Try and help them to learn how to focus before taking them to child care centres Dee Why.

Transition and Timing Guidelines

This is almost the hardest part any child or any parent should have to go through. From childbirth to the preschool stage, parents have a rather strong connection with their children and vice versa. Unlike parents, children have a very difficult time adjusting to the new environment with new faces. Train your child to change from one activity to the next and watch how successful they get at child care centres Dee Why. You also have to find out a schedule that may help them with the transitioning window until they get used to having you away for most of the day.

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