How Do I Help My Child Make Friends At The Child Care?

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Making friends is a crucial survival skill. As a parent you know how important the schoolyard friendships are. Having friends boosts the self-esteem, provides moral support, and enriches the lives. But some kids might find it hard to fit in. Though as parents you cannot make friends on behalf of your children, you can help them develop and practice the key social skills.  If you feel that your little one is finding hard to make friends or is getting rejected by other kids.

Here are some awesome steps as suggested by the professionals at child care Dee Why

  • See How Your Child Socialises – Pay close attention to how your child mingles with others. If your child is behaving in a different way, analyse as to why. Sometimes, your child might have some trouble starting conversations. It could be due to anxiety or due to fear of public speaking which keeps your child away from engaging with other children. Based on what you observe, decide on what skills you must improve in your child.
  • Show Positive Social Behaviour – Children learn from others. So be mindful of how and what you interact with your child and others. Do you know almost every scenario they come across, is a learning opportunity for your child. This will allow them to see how you negotiate, mingle and solve the problems.
  • Practice at Home – If you have identified that your child is having difficult starting with conversations, carry out role play at home. You can discuss their topics of interest, especially the ones he might like talking with other kids. Practice a few topics, and find something that turns up naturally.
  • Offer a Helping Hand – If your child is looking forward to learn swimming or play baseball, teach your child some tricks even before joining the class. Also, reach the practice area before others start showing up, this will help them to stay confident, and mingle with their classmates at Dee Why early childhood centre.
  • Appreciate Your Child – When you see that your child is making a progress, make sure to appreciate his efforts. Recognise the efforts with small rewards and let them know how proud you are.
  • Don’t compare your Child to Others – The experts at child care Dee Why mention that you have to be sensible regarding your child’s temperament and personality. Don’t ever compare your child with others, even with that of the siblings. This will bring down their self-esteem, making them timid. Understand the kind of interaction your child prefers and help them overcome the hurdles.
  • Don’t ignore the Problem – If you are finding it difficult to handle the problem, don’t simply ignore it. Instead, talk to an expert from day care Dee Why, who will help in improving your child’s social associations with gentle coaching and encouragement.
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