How Do I Choose A Day Care Centre?

How Do I Choose A Day Care Centre?

When it comes to finding the right day care for your toddler, you will want it to be the best one, and do not want to make any mistake. After all a day care is not simply a place to send your child to pass their time when you are away, rather a good Dee Why children’s centre fosters an overall development of your child. Enrolling in the right child care centres Dee Why would prepare your child for life’s challenges inculcating the right principles and values. But how do you find the right Dee Why early childhood centre? Keep reading to understand a few tips –

Location of Child Care Centre

With the evolving life style and schedules, it is important to consider a child care centre, which is located at your convenience. The Dee Why Children’s Centre should be located close to your place of work or home. Why? The location must not affect your routine, and you must have sufficient time to get to the centre to pick up your child.

Hours of Service

Check-out the hours of service. Just imagine, what if you get late in picking up your kid. Also, ask about the schedule of holidays and vacations.

Licencing and Registration

According to the National Quality Framework, every childcare service must be registered. Hence, it is strongly recommended to enrol your child only in a licensed and registered day care service. Check the ACECQA website to understand if the day care centre is registered.

Size of Childcare Centre

Day Care services are available in different sizes and shapes. In case, if you are looking to enrol your child in a long day care centre, check if the centre is prepared to handle the children present according to the requirements of National Quality Framework. We recommend you to visit the centre in person, check out the facilities and see if your child will get accustomed to the environment.

Staff Ratio

According to the guidelines specified by the National Quality Framework, a day care should have required number of staff according to the children. Visit the centre in person and make sure that you are happy with the number of staff to cater to your child’s needs. It is worthwhile to check with the centre director to understand the level of qualifications held by each educator.

Visiting Policy

Check the visiting policy with the centre. Ask them if you can visit the day care centre anytime it is open, can you check the areas that your child will probably use. Also, understand if visitors are screened and if their identification is property checked when they visit the centre to pick up the children?

Hopefully these tips will help you find the right day care that will help your baby grow and flourish into a healthy and happy child.

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