Why Are Routines Important For Children’s Development?

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Routines provide the child with a sense of security and streamline them towards self-discipline. Children often fear a change, like putting them up in a school or moving to another house. Though change can prove to be a learning opportunity, it can be stressful for the children. A routine brings consistency into a child’s life.

A child’s daily routine can comprise of:

  • Waking up in the morning and getting ready to attend a day care like Dee Why early childhood centre.
  • Mealtime, time to Nap and Bedtime.
  • Homework, Play time and family time.

When you include this routine to your child’s daily life, you are letting your child know what is important. Here are some reasons as specified by the child care Dee Why that state why a daily routine is important for your child.

  • Helps your Child to Stick to a Schedule– A regular schedule will help your child’s body clocks to adjust to the basics like – taking naps and sleep well at the appropriate time, eat healthy, play well and support a calm and relaxed behavior. This will also help your child to get adjusted to any child care Dee Why and you don’t have to worry about your child.
  • Gets rid of Power Struggles – Following a routine will keep your child away from power struggles. This is because, when your child is following its routine, you don’t have to boss around your child, or shouting at to do things. The child will also feel valued and calm as they don’t have to do anything forcefully.
  • Teaches Confidence and Individuality – Instead of being told what a child should carry out regularly, your child will learn all by self. They will know how to brush their teeth or put on their dress. Your child will feel confident and will feel inspired as they know what needs to happen next.
  • Builds Healthy Habits – Routines helps set up constructive habits. Children who follow routine will be able to manage their time better. And as they age, they will possess a strong self-discipline in their eating habits, studying, cleanliness and self-grooming.
  • Creates an Excitement of Time Ahead – When your child knows the routine, they will anticipate and be excited about the future events, especially the ones about spending time with family. This will make your child feel loved and understand that they are being valued.
  • Helps the Child to Remain Calm – Even a small change or anxiety can have a great impact on the child. Especially, divorce, birth of a new sibling, change in school, etc. But, when the family has an established routine, the child will have normalcy amidst all the tough situations. The child will remain calm and stable.

As a parent stay positive and within reach to your child’s needs. Create a healthy routine, because if the schedule is too strict the child will feel regimented. You can also get the help of a day care Dee Why to create the best routine for your child, as they understand children better.

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